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Yahweh Hospitalitiy Consultants bravely approach and navigate thru this challenging environment, we devoted countless hours to carefully observe and thoroughly understand the food service operation, patiently listened the Restaurant Committee and ultimately helped define strategies to improve operational efficiency and food quality.

Our brand has always been innovation and efficiency in the foodservice industry. As a premier restaurant consulting firm, Yahweh Hospitality is a team of restaurant management professionals that develops innovative ideas and creates sustainable brands to drive top-line sales. As efficiency experts, this same team produces strategies to improve our clients’ bottom-line profits.

Our restaurant consulting team specializes in both launching new restaurant startups and jump-starting struggling or financially distressed brands. The highly specialized restaurant professionals of Yahweh Hospitality has a proven track record, with each member of our extraordinary team boasting decades of experience in his or her field. We all understand that the restaurant business is just that—a business—and it must be operated and managed as a money-making venture.

The Four Walls principals can guide you through a seamless process of:

  1. Discovery

  2. Incubation

  3. Concept development

  4. Menu development

  5. Feasibility study creation

  6. Financial analysis


Andrew has been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and has held several Operational positions (Heart of House and Front of House), Regional Beverage Coordinator, and Director of Training and Development to name a few. Andrew has a true passion for the business, and it shows in every team he has managed, Andrew commands a culture of respect and integrity that has been proven to be a successful model at getting the desired results.

 Andrew Spencer Jr. (Drew) 
Co-Founder and CEO 
 Donterrius Shinard 

Donterrius Shepard was born and raised in a small town called Albany, Ga. At an early age my parents taught me the importance of having a servant’s heart. On Saturdays while other children my age were playing at the park, he would help my parents clean the church. Sundays he would serve as an usher, that was when he learned my first lesson on hospitality and the true meaning of being of service.


Donterrius took these tools with into the workforce in 1996 at the young age of 16 to Mc Donald’s where he began his career in hospitality. There he learned the foundation principles like clean as you go, being on time, and guest interaction skills. He quickly progressed during my time with McDonald’s, in 1999 he was promoted to manager. He managed to hold this position while attending Albany State University, where Donterrius obtained a degree in Business Management. The experience he gained working full-time coupled with my education gave me an edge. He received several job offers, he decided to venture out to an entirely different industry. He went into Sales, Donterrius wanted a break from the hospitality industry. He had some success, as General manager he was able to take his location from $500,000 to $850,000 in sales. Despite his success in sales something was missing. After about two years off from hospitality he went back to where my passion lied. 

In 2007, he joined Longhorn Steakhouse in Albany, Ga. where he made an immediate impact in labor productivity, cleanliness, training and development. After a few years with the company he was presented an opportunity to help run the busiest Longhorn in the world. He joined the Longhorn Steakhouse in East Point, Ga. in 2010. During my tenure we broke 8 sales records, won multiple highest guest counts awards, and improved productivity year after year. Currently we hold the highest annual sales for any Longhorn in history.


Maricus is an experienced Manager with a demonstrated history of leadership in the restaurant industry. 20 years Certified FOH/BOH in knowledge and functionality.


Maricus is skilled in Operations, Sales, Training, Product Knowledge, Communications, Hospitality Industry, P&L Analysis, Revenue Enhancement, and Labor Control.


Strong Professional in the industry and ready to help grow your business through seasoned expertise.

 Maricus Cobb 

Ann Brink has been in the hospitality industry for over a decade holding positions at both the franchise and corporate level.


Professionally, she enjoys placing her concentration in the business field, which she has proven to help numerous establishments thrive financially. 


Ann's hard work and dedication shows because of the loyalty of her employees throughout her career.   


 Ann Brink 

(Office Manager/Financial Officer)

 Growing up as a child and in my early teens, "Chef" Bernard never spent much time in a kitchen. When people ask,” What made you start cooking? “He replay I was not looking to be a chef, the passion and excitement for cooking found me. He has been a chef for just over 15 years. 10 years into his journey he decided to further his education and attend Le cordon bleu Atlanta campus. In culinary school he was on the competition team which also helped him master his skill set.


"Chef" Bernard graduated from Le Cordon bleu 2014. Currently he is an executive chef of his second restaurant in Atlanta, GA. Being versed in combining traditional comfort foods with international twisted make his style unique. Food management and food handling are also important to him. My food handling certification was renewed 6/4/2020. With COVID-19 there are even more steps to ensure all food is safe for the public.  

 Bernard (B.J.) Weston Jr 
 Executive Chef 

Meet The Team


Kira Gitten

Administrative Assistant

Kira was born in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Less than an hour away, a town called East Liverpool in Ohio awaited my arrival. She spent the first twelve years of her life in that small town. Then, in 1997, her Mother decided to move them South to Alpharetta, Georgia.


From North Carolina, Kira joined the US Army and was stationed at Fort Hood in Texas. During her service, she was deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Once back in America, Kira returned to Georgia. She began working with her dad as his Administrative Assistant, Painter, and Site Supervisor for his contracted finishing business. 


Later, Kira picked up a useful skill in bartending. She is currently, the Owner of 3 Babes & A Brush, a small Black/Woman-Owned Company offering design consulting, decorating, painting, finishing and cleaning to the greater parts of Georgia.


JoAnna Ruth

Business/Marketing Coach

JoAnna  Ruth background is in Business Administration after receiving my bachelor’s degree from DeVry University based in Decatur, GA.

JoAnna Ruth Coaching is fueled with passion by helping small business owners improve their businesses within their respective industry that includes branding, marketing, and assisting with legalizing their business to become a LLC. Her key attributes are to transform all our client’s visions into reality by coaching them into the right direction to expand their business and target the appropriate audience. With the knowledge of strategic planning, we aim to uplift other business owners, so that they can be destined for success.

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